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Sussex Mindfulness Centre also contributes to national initiatives that aim to increase the reach of mindfulness with integrity. 

Parliamentary Report: Mindful Nation

The Mindfulness Initiative is led by Jamie Bristow. It is a collaboration of Bangor, Oxford, and Exeter universities, Sussex Mindfulness Centre and the Mental Health Foundation . They've hosted meetings of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mindfulness which met in Parliament in 2014 and which took testimony given by members of staff and service users (including from Sussex Partnership) and led to the publication of the Mindful Nation report. SMC helped to organise the health events for the All Party Parliamentary Group and contributed to the health chapter in the Mindful Nation report. A number of ex participants in MBCT groups in Sussex Partnership,  and also staff involved in delivering mindfulness interventions in Sussex, were asked to speak as witnesses in parliament. 

UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations

SMC are actively involved with the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations. The network represents the leading mindfulness teacher training organisations in the UK with the aim of defining, upholding and disseminating standards for good practice. Taravajra, one of our main mindfulness teacher trainers is currently convenor for the network.

ASPIRE research project

ASPIRE is a large scale national study looking into the implementation of MBCT in the NHS. SMC was one of the sites visited by the ASPIRE research team to understand how MBCT developed in Sussex.