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Train to teach mindfulness

Sussex Mindfulness Centre has been offering mindfulness training since 2011. We have 40 members of staff trained in mindfulness, who are themselves connected to a large network of skilled local teachers and a thriving team of researchers producing cutting-edge research into mindfulness interventions. Sussex Mindfulness Centre is a member of the UK Network of Teacher Training Organisations which includes training programmes deemed to meet certain agreed national minimum standards.

We are now open to applications for our two mindfulness training programmes scheduled to run in 2018 – the training in Adapted MBIs and the Foundation training in MBAs (MBCT/MBSR) – see below.  Both courses are open to people who have completed the eight week MBCT/MBSR course, have regular mindfulness practice, and can envisage and describe ways in which they could use the training after completion of the course.

Training programme in adapted mindfulness-based interventions (MBIs)

An ever growing number of people are drawing on mindfulness in their work and using adapted mindfulness based approaches that are not the standard eight week programmes, such as MBCT or MBSR.

This training course is for people who wish to train to deliver mindfulness based interventions that are not the eight week programme. It is intended for those who don't need to complete the extensive training required to deliver MBCT/MBSR but who wish to be equipped to use adapted mindfulness based approaches safely and effectively.

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Find out more and apply:

Fees for the Adapted MBI training year are £1,900 and the deadline for applications is 17th November 2017.

Foundation training in mindfulness based approaches (MBCT/MBSR)

This course is designed for people wishing to teach the eight week MBCT/MBSR programmes. The training uses an apprenticeship approach with a strong emphasis on supervised group facilitation, resting on a firm foundation of theory, regular feedback on teaching practice and daily personal mindfulness practice. The training model we use has been described in greater detail in the following publication: Marx, R., Strauss, C., Williamson, C. (2014). Mindfulness apprenticeships: a new model of NHS-based MBCT teacher-training. Mindfulness, DOI: 10.1007/s12671-013-0254-2. Graduates of the training, who have taught two groups, are eligible to apply for the national listing of teachers.

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Find out more and apply:

Fees for the Foundation training year are £5,500 and the deadline for applications is 3rd November 2017.

For further information about the training, please contact or call Caroline Windley, Sussex Mindfulness Centre Administrator on 0300 304 2057.