Equity, diversity and inclusion teacher training

Calling all mindfulness teachers

For the first time we’re running a mindfulness based equity, diversity and inclusion masterclass to help mindfulness teachers make their courses more inclusive. 

The session, run in the centre of Brighton, will show how differences can unify, rather than separate us. It will show how mindfulness can be adapted to serve diverse communities in ways that are grounded in equality and inclusion. 

The all-day training on 13 October, is run by Dean Francis, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) consultant at the Sussex Mindfulness Centre. Dean is also a Trustee and EDI co-lead at BAMBA and a co-founder of the Urban Mindfulness Foundation and the Mindfulness Based Inclusion Training (MBIT) programme for mindfulness teachers. Dean has a masters in mindfulness from the University of Aberdeen where he focused on deconstructing racism and social inequality using the mindfulness-based inclusion training programme.

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