Take refuge from the storm: try mindfulness

Mindfulness can help us find balance through life’s ups and downs. It helps us learn to respond more skilfully when difficulties arise. 

Mindfulness training can help us to learn to pay attention in the present moment, and therefore spend less time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. We can begin to notice habits of the mind that might not be helpful to us. The more we can spot these habits and patterns the more we have a choice about how to respond, and find more stability. 

How can mindfulness help me?

Research has shown that mindfulness can help reduce stress, decrease incidence of depression, improve memory, and strengthen your relationships. It can help to improve sleep, immune function and wellbeing. 

However, no approach is right for everyone. After signing up, you can attend a taster session to decide if the training is for you.  

What’s involved in mindfulness training

We offer mindfulness in the form of weekly mindfulness sessions (usually 2 hour sessions weekly for 9 weeks) for between 10-15 people. The training is offered by an experienced teacher, and free materials and downloadable mindfulness practices will be provided.

Who are we?

The Sussex Mindfulness Centre, which is part of the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, is one of the leading mindfulness centres in the UK. We have taught thousands of people since our first training sessions in 2004. 

Free courses starting now … 

If you work for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, or if you work for any part of the NHS or work in social care for a local authority across Sussex, you can access online mindfulness courses for free. Click the relevant link below.

Staff of Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
Staff working for NHS in Sussex or in social care for a local authority  

If you are interested in teaching mindfulness, the Sussex Mindfulness Centre now offers the eight-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course, as a first step in the training pathway.