New Year: New You? New mindfulness courses for SPFT staff

“The mindfulness course provided me with a renewed sense of wellbeing and connection.”

Many of us make resolutions in the New Year, and forget them by the end of January. Mostly our resolutions aim to improve ourselves, and our lives… But it can be difficult to keep up the momentum, when the usual challenges of daily living get in the way. 

If your work is stressful, coming back after a break can be especially challenging. You may be aware that emails will have continued to land in your in-box… and it’s probably a time of the year when your services are more in demand. 

Instead of trying to improve yourself, you might be better off taking steps to improve your wellbeing. As a member of staff for the Sussex Partnership or if you are working for the health and local authority social care staff in the Sussex area, you have free access to a mindfulness course that can help you develop skills to strengthen your resilience and enable you to find calm amidst the chaos. 

A mindfulness course won’t change your situation, but it might give you a different vantage point from which to view it. Participants completing our mindfulness courses at the end of last year, recommend them to colleagues. 

“Since doing the course I have been able to meet myself in a more genuine way. This has allowed me to approach my experience with less judgement, and give myself what I need in times of great stress or suffering. 

I will practice mindfulness more frequently and particularly apply the teachings from the course. It has helped me to face challenges with kindness, and a more positive perspective, once I’ve allowed space to acknowledge that I am struggling. 

This experience has helped me on a personal level, and I have found a new way to connect with clients and to be able to support them too.”

Andreas Triantafyllou, Assistant Psychologist 

“The mindfulness course provided me with a renewed sense of wellbeing and connection. Through the course I found the weekly two-hour session became a valued part of my routine. The space for being in the present, with others and using meditation and other mindful exercises has had a positive impact. I aim to keep a meditation practice going and feel pleased to have had this experience and the guidance from the teacher, Taravajra. I would recommend engaging with mindfulness to any of my colleagues.”

Paul Bulling, Senior Social Worker, 
Brighton & Hove City Council & Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

There are new courses for SPFT staff starting on Monday 23 January, Wednesday 25 and Friday 27 January and Thursday 2 February. Find out more and register here.  Also there are two new courses starting under the Staff in Mind programme, for all health and local authority social care staff in the Sussex area and NHS staff in Hampshire (CAMHS). Find out more here.