Compassion in challenging times with Dr Thupten Jinpa

We are excited to be hosting Dr Thupten Jinpa for a talk on compassion in challenging times. The Buddhist scholar and principal translator for the Dalai Lama, sets out to answer the question, “How can healthcare providers offer compassion when they themselves face challenging times?” Book your tickets for this online event here.

In the talk, co-hosted with the Compassion Institute, Jinpa will touch on the themes facing the human face of the health and social care sector in the UK today.  In the wake of unimaginable health crises brought upon by the global pandemic, healthcare professionals, of both physical and mental health, were called upon to serve the needs of the public often at enormous costs to themselves. The emotional toll to the care providers, in particular, has been tremendous. What can we learn from the new science of empathy and compassion to help care for the carers? How can care providers continue to stay connected with their compassionate motivation to serve in such challenging times? Tools from mindfulness and compassion training can help promote greater resilience, genuine self-compassion, and connection with others while positively impacting your professional work. Join our conversation to explore further.

Dr Thupten Jinpa PhD was trained as a monk at the Shartse College of Ganden Monastic University, South India, where he received the Geshe Lharam degree. Jinpa also holds a BA in philosophy and a PhD in religious studies, both from Cambridge University. Jinpa has been the principal English translator to H.H. the Dalai Lama since 1985, and has translated and collaborated on numerous books by the Dalai Lama including the New York Times Bestsellers: Ethics for the New Millennium and The Art of Happiness, as well as Beyond Religion: Ethics for a Whole World. His own publications include: A Fearless Heart: How the Courage to be Compassionate Can Transform Our Lives and translations of major Tibetan works featured in The Library of Tibetan Classics series. Jinpa is the principal author of Compassion Cultivation Training™ (CCT©) developed while at Stanford University in 2009. In 2021, Jinpa’s online self-paced course, Building Compassion from the Inside Out, was launched to the general public.

A frequent speaker at various international conferences on mindfulness, compassion, and contemplative practice, Jinpa serves as an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Religious Studies at McGill University, Montreal and is the founder and president of the Institute of Tibetan Classics. He has been a core member of the Mind and Life Institute and it’s Chairman of the Board since January 2012.

Following the one hour talk there will be a 30 minute question and answer session moderated by Robert Marx, co-lead of Sussex Mindfulness Centre.