Belonging – An intercultural mindfulness gathering, 27 July 2024

The key themes of the 6th Annual Empowerment Symposium are intercultural dialogue; mindfulness; peacebuilding; belonging; equality, diversity and inclusion. Hosted by William Fley and Imani Sorhaindo, special guest speakers include Rhonda Magee and Cathy-Mae Karelse.

Celebrate the 6th Annual Empowerment Symposium at Birkbeck College on Saturday, 27 July 2024 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The event will include community and wellbeing stalls and there will be music and performances by Andrea Roye, Thaliba and Tuneless Choir.

Mindfulness in its various forms is now a common method for self-regulation, self-care, healing, empowerment and well-being. With research-backed evidence, over the last four decades, the movement has exploded in the US and here in the UK, and its utilisation is now found everywhere from boardrooms and bedrooms, from schools to work with elders, schools, prisons, and hospitals.
Yet popular Mindfulness is infused with some level of bias and often ignores the fact that Mindfulness has been practised across the globe in ancient systems by People of Colour for thousands of years. Creating bridges of understanding, alliance and collaboration is critical if we are to evolve societally.

Western society can often replicate existing social norms and dominant narratives or power and powerlessness which are constructs, how can we move past these? How can we make for a more inclusive trajectory and build a society which values the richness and vastness of our human and spiritual interdependence, sense of belonging and community, to help build intercultural spaces and societies?

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