We care deeply about ensuring the quality and safety of our mindfulness teaching and teacher training. On this page you can find out about how we protect teaching quality and standards.

Our teachers

To protect the quality, efficacy and saftey of our mindfulness teaching, all our teachers adhere to the national Good Practice Guidelines for teachers.

Our teachers also meet our own additional governance criteria for teachers and practitioners of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and mindfulness-based interventions. Here you can find the Trust’s governance criteria for people teaching the eight-week MBCT courses at the Sussex Partnership Trust.

We have also developed governance for teaching brief and adapted mindfulness-based interventions.

Our teacher trainers

Our teacher trainers adhere to the national good practice guidelines for trainers of mindfulness-based interventions. You can find the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Trainers here.

Our supervisors

Our mindfulness supervisors adhere to the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Supervisors.