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 Train to teach Mindful Self-Compassion in 2022

Delivered by the Center for Mindful-Self-Compassion on behalf of Sussex Mindfulness Centre at the Ammerdown Retreat Centre, near Bath.

Monday 21st– Sunday 27th November 2022

Led by Ali Lambie and Vanessa Hope, assisted by Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher

Click here for booking details

Mindfulness in the news

Our mindfulness teachers and staff share their stories and tips every second Friday in the Wellbeing section of the Brighton and Hove Independent:

Mindfulness for People Living with Dementia with Julia Powell

Mindfulness and Thanksgiving with Robert Marx

Mindfulness for the Change of Seasons with Richard Symon

Mindfulness for People with Learning Disabilities with Nicola Smith and Celia Heneage

Mindfulness for Carers with Julia Powell

Mindfulness for persistent pain with Catherine Cameron

Practicing mindfulness in nature with Lana Jackson

Mindfulness for Marginalised Groups with Robert Marx

Mindful Approaches to Parenting with Lana Jackson

The Mindful Nature of Sea Swimming with Hannah Denton

What your pets can teach you with Lynn Ley

Mindfulness for Climate Change with Tamsin Bishton

Mindful Movement with Taravajra

Mindfulness for Young People with Ruth Sequeira

Mindfulness for Uncertain Times with Robert Marx

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