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Mindfulness drop-ins

All drop-ins are free of charge. The drop-ins at

  • Sussex Education Centre, Nevill Avenue, Hove, BN3 7HZ on the Mill View hospital and Hove Polyclinic site and
  • Southdown, 18 Preston Park Avenue, Brighton BN1 6HL 

are open to anyone who has both completed an 8-week MBCT or MBSR group and who is either a current or ex service user, or current employee of Sussex Partnership.

The Staff drop ins at Arun house, Swandean, Millview and Brighton General Hospital are for Sussex Partnership staff only and do not require previous mindfulness experience. No booking is required for any drop-in sessions.

Please bring your own mat, cushion/stool and blanket if possible. Limited numbers of these will be available at the day retreats but there will only be chairs at the drop-ins.

Please note these sessions are for adults. Drop in sessions for young people are held separately and details of these can be found on the Child and Adolescent page of this website.

Sussex Education Centre, Hove

Sussex Education Centre drop ins are held:

on the first working Monday of the month
Sussex Education Centre, Mill View Hospital Site, Nevill Avenue, Hove BN3 7HZ

These drop ins are for staff and current/recent service users who have completed an 8-week MBCT course.



  • 4 November
    Susan Whiting and Tamsin Hemingray
  • 2 December
    Heather Ball and Helen Igo

Brighton General Hospital: staff drop-in

This is a Sussex Partnership staff drop in on the Brighton General Hospital site, every Thursday morning. (in Group Room 1)

Hazel Ragoonanan, Susan Whiting, Helen Igo, Rhianon Hale and Robert Marx run a weekly SPFT staff drop-in.

When: Thursdays 8.30 am

Where: Group room 1

Duration: 30 mins

Who can attend: Sussex Partnership staff

Cavendish House Staff Drop in (Room 13) with Anita Raybould

Please come along and join Anita Raybould - No experience needed:

Wednesday 16th Oct 2019 at 8:30am

Monday 21st Oct at 12pm

Wednesday 30th Oct at 8:30am

No session on Monday 4th Nov

Wednesday 13th Nov at 8:30am

Monday 18th Nov at 12pm

Wednesday 27th Nov at 8:30am

Monday 2nd Dec at 12pm

Wednesday 11th December at 8:30am

Mill View Hospital staff drop-in

Mill View staff drop-in

This is a Sussex Partnership staff drop in on the Mill View Hospital site, every Tuesday morning.

With Trust Mindfulness Teachers, Hannah Denton, Helen Igo and Sarah Pratap 

When: Tuesdays 8.30-9.00am

Where: OT Activity room, Ground Floor Corridor, Mill View Hospital

Duration: 30 mins

Who can attend: It’s for staff so any staff can attend.

See the flyer

Southdown drop in

South Down drop ins are held:

on the 3rd Tuesday of the month
18 Preston Park Avenue, BN1 6HL.

These drop ins are for staff and current/recent service users who have completed an 8-week MBCT course.

The drop ins will be led by Nicky Mouat, Abbie Mead and Tamsin Bishton.

For more information, please contact 01273 565 049.



  • 15 October
  • 17 December
  • 19 November

Swandean staff drop-in


Mindfulness drop-ins – FREE to ALL staff in Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust.  No prior experience needed. 

These are available on the 4th Tuesday of most months at the Swandean site from 1:30-2pm. 

There is no drop in on Christmas Eve.

  • 22 October
    Lucy Edwards

    Meadowfield Conference room

  • 26 November
    Lucy Edwards

    Meadowfield Conference Room