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Regional mindfulness teachers meetings

This is a gathering for mindfulness teachers and practitioners in Sussex that happens every other month. The purpose of the gathering is to hold a space for mindfulness teachers to practice together, share experience and just be. The format of the session is very open - some sessions are themed, other sessions are just open spaces for practice together. You do not have to be teaching mindfulness for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust or in a clinical setting to join this gathering - all teachers working in Sussex are welcome. Trainee teachers are also very welcome..

Gatherings begin at 6pm with a check-in and longer practice. It's fine to join a little later if 6pm is too early. Just come in and get settled. Some cushions and mats will be available but feel free to bring your own.

The gathering is hosted at Sussex Education Centre, Nevill Avenue, Hove, BN3 7HZ (on the Mill View Hospital and Hove Polyclinic site), 6pm - 8pm.

  • Thursday 28th November 6pm - 8pm

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We're always keen to hear from teachers who are interested in hosting a gathering or would like to focus on a particular theme. Contact Robert Marx or gatherings administrator Tamsin Bishton ( for more information.