Foundations of Mindfulness retreat

This five-day retreat will support a deepening of participants’ mindfulness practice using the framework of the four Foundations of Mindfulness (satipatthana) and the Four Divine Abidings (brahma vihara). Drawing on Buddhist conceptualisations of the nature of experience, suffering and the self, the retreat will offer a bridge into contemporary secular mindfulness practice, teaching and life.

Retreat structure

The retreat, which is held in Ammerdown Retreat Centre, near Bath, will use a traditional retreat structure which allows us to simplify our life in order to see more clearly how we relate to ourselves and the world, and to respond with kindness and compassion.

There will be periods of teaching, guided and unguided practice, dialogue and unstructured
time. Most of the week will be held in silence with opportunities to meet the trainers one to
one and for peer sharing groups.

Find out more in this flyer.

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All-day mindfulness retreats

Next mindfulness day retreat is Saturday, 1 July 2023 and is in person. Subject to COVID restrictions it will go ahead at the Sussex Education Centre, at the Mill View Hospital site in  Hove. 

A one-day mindfulness retreat is an important part of the eight-week mindfulness course. It offers an opportunity to extend your practice, within a supportive environment.  Read more about the benefits of a day long retreat

This day is right for you if you have attended an eight-week MBCT or MBSR course and are:

  • a current or previous Sussex Partnership service user,
  • a current staff member,
  • a Staff in Mind participant,
  • a current Sussex Mindfulness Centre or MBCT in IAPT trainee, or
  • an alumni of a Sussex Mindfulness Centre training or of the MBCT in IAPT training.

No payment is required. In order to book a place and get venue details, please email

You'll need to attend for the whole day. It's not possible to only come for a portion of the day - thank you for your co-operation.

All day retreats are in person or online

Due to Covid-19 and the need for social distancing, our day retreats (or mindfulness 'all days') have been held on online. However, the next one is in person, and we will continue to review the situation for future retreats.

The retreats run from 10am to 4pm, and we ask people to join from 9.50am to ensure a prompt start. See future dates for our retreat days below.

  • 1 July
  • 11 November