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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Would you like to maximise the efficiency and wellbeing of your workforce?

Mindfulness can help reduce sickness and improve staff engagement. Work-related stress is a major problem and the biggest cause of  sickness in the UK. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that stress, depression or anxiety, accounts for approximately 12.5 million days per annum lost due to work-related ill health. We can help… we can’t change the stress but we can change the way you and your staff deal with it, which can only be good for business!

Taught by professional, experienced teachers, mindfulness is known to build resilience, improve performance, relationships and general wellbeing. So when problems do arise, staff are equipped with the tools and techniques to deal with them.

We offer bespoke mindfulness training to suit the needs of your business and workforce. To find out more, or to arrange a taster session, please contact us on E: 

A local manager explains how mindfulness helped him and his staff to manage stress at work