Our track record with employers

We have been running mindfulness courses for employees since 2004. Our clients include the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Staff in Mind, ONS (Office of National Statistics) and many more.

Solid experience teaching staff

We have run over 100 courses for staff in Sussex Partnership Trust, in which well over a thousand people have participated. We have found large and significant improvements in reduced levels of stress, improved wellbeing and compassion for self and others. We know from other research that such improvements increase resilience, flexibility and job satisfaction.

Here are two testimonies from staff following the completion of their courses.

I was cynical (about the course), not sure how it would help, but my mood improved significantly; my mood is a lot better than six months ago. I am calmer, less irritable and crying less.

Participant on a Sussex Mindfulness Centre eight-week course.

The stress we are under with targets and pressures, I think this course gave us the tools to deal with these.

 Participant on a Sussex Mindfulness Centre eight-week course.