MBCT is available in a variety of services 

The Brighton and Hove Wellbeing service

The Brighton and Hove Wellbeing service is for all people over the age of 18 who live in Brighton and Hove. We offer a range of mental health support for those with common mental health problems such as low mood, stress, anxiety and depression. As part of this service, we currently offer three Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses over a year.

You can be referred to The Brighton and Hove Wellbeing service by your GP or alternatively you can ask for a self-referral form by calling 0300 002 0060. Once your referral has been received you will be offered an assessment appointment so we can decide together if an MBCT course would be suitable for you.

Health in Mind

Health in Mind is an NHS organisation that provides courses and other types of therapies that help with stress, anxiety and low mood, to adults across East Sussex (excluding Brighton & Hove). As part of this, we offer Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) courses, usually in Eastbourne, Lewes and Hastings. Further details about Health in Mind can be found at http://www.healthinmind.org.uk/. If you are interested in attending an MBCT course offered by Health in Mind and are an adult living in East Sussex, you can make a self-referral at http://www.healthinmind.org.uk/contact or you can ask your GP to make a referral to us.

Please mention in the referral that you are interested in attending an MBCT course. If you are referred to Health in Mind, you will usually receive an initial assessment, during which a member of our team will ask more about your current difficulties and discuss with you which of our courses and therapies is likely to be most suitable. Sometimes an intervention other than MBCT may be more helpful, in which case the worker you speak with will advise you of this. If you are already seeing someone in Health in Mind and would like to attend a MBCT course then please discuss this with them.

Brighton & Hove Assessment and Treatment service 

Brighton and Hove Assessment and Treatment Service (ATS) is a secondary care adult mental health service in Brighton and Hove. Referral to the service is via a GP or other clinical specialist. Once the referral is received and accepted, you will be invited for an initial meeting to consider the most appropriate care for you. One option often available is MBCT, and sometimes other adapted Mindfulness-based Interventions. If you are interested in this and think it may be helpful for you, do talk to the clinician with whom you will discuss your care at that initial meeting. Some other ATS services, such as those in Worthing and Hastings, may also be able to offer MBCT.