These practices are intended as an accompaniment for participants doing a Sussex Mindfulness Centre/Sussex Partnership course. If you are new to mindfulness and are not following an 8 week course, like MBCT, MBSR or MSC, then we suggest you go carefully with some of the practices, which can occasionally trigger adverse reactions.  It is always best to find a trained mindfulness teacher to work with you to advise on the best practices for you. If you are embarking on this alone, the safest practices to start with are usually the short ones (less than about 10 minutes) and the ones involving walking or movement.  Always feel free to stop a practice you are doing on your own - don't solider on  if you don't find it helpful.

Download or listen online.
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Robert Marx - practices for MSC

  • Compassionate Mindfulness of Breathing   (MP3)
  • Compassion for Self and Others   (MP3)
  • Compassionate Friend   (MP3)
  • Affectionate Breathing   (MP3)
  • Allow Soften Soothe   (MP3)
  • Giving and Receiving Compassion   (MP3)
  • Loving Kindness for a Loved One   (MP3)
  • Self Compassion Break   (MP3)
  • Loving Kindness for Self   (MP3)

Robert Marx - practices for MBCT

  • Brief body scan   (MP3)
  • 21 min mindfulness of breathing   (MP3)
  • 30 minute mindful movement   (MP3)
  • 30 minute mindful walking   (MP3)
  • 36 min sitting mindfulness of breath and body   (MP3)
  • 38 min body scan   (MP3)
  • coping breathing space   (MP3)
  • loving kindness practice (30 mins)   (MP3)
  • mostly unguided 35 min sitting practice   (MP3)
  • mostly unguided body scan   (MP3)
  • mountain meditation 16 mins   (MP3)
  • prelims to body scan   (MP3)
  • prelims to movement   (MP3)
  • prelims to sitting   (MP3)

Robert Marx - short, trauma-sensitive introduction to mindfulness/MBCT practices

  • Breathing Space   (MP3)
  • Responsive breathing space with kindness   (MP3)
  • Ms of Breath and Body   (MP3)
  • Mindful Movement   (MP3)

Lana Jackson - Brighton CAMHS MBCT group

  • 1 Body scan   (MP3)
  • 2 3 Minute Breathing Space   (MP3)
  • 3 Mindfulness of the Breath and Body   (MP3)
  • 4 Stage Sitting Practice   (MP3)
  • 5 Mountain Meditation   (MP3)
  • 6 Coping Breathing Space   (MP3)

Ruth Sequeira - East Sussex CAMHS group

  • Body Scan for adolescents   (MP3)
  • Mindfulness of Breath and Body for adolescents   (MP3)
  • Sitting Practice for adolescents   (MP3)
  • Stretching Breathing Practice for adolescents   (MP3)
  • Three step breathing space   (MP3)
  • Turning Towards Difficult Experience - Sitting Practice   (MP3)

Nicky Mouat and Abbie Mead - Mindfulness Practices for Recovery College

  • Week 1 (Body Sensations Practice)   (MP3)
  • Week 2 (Mindful Movement)   (MP3)
  • Week 3 (Breath Practice)   (MP3)
  • Short Grounding Practice   (MP3)
  • Sounds Practice   (MP3)

Clara Strauss - Four-session LiveMind Mindfulness course

  • 1. Mindfulness of body and breath   (MP3)
  • 2. Mindful walking   (MP3)
  • 3. Mindfulness of sounds and thoughts   (MP3)
  • 4. Breathing space   (MP3)

Catherine Cameron - MSC practices

  • Affectionate Breathing   (MP3)
  • Soothing Touch   (MP3)
  • Soothing Touch 2   (MP3)
  • Loving kindness for ourselves   (MP3)
  • Loving kindness for a loved one   (MP3)
  • Preparation for working with loving kindness phrases   (MP3)