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At SMC we are passionate about research because research let's us know when, how and why learning mindfulness can be helpful. Most of our research looks at the potential benefits of mindfulness courses for groups of people where there isn't already good research evidence.   

SMC Researchers

Please look at our team page to find out more about the SMC research team.

SMC Current Research

Researching Mindfulness Courses

We have been researching mindfulness courses for people experiencing a range of mental health difficulties including obsessive-compulsive difficultiesdepression and distressing voices. Some of our research is for working age adults but we have also been doing research involving younger people and older people. Last but not least, we have been offering MBCT courses to our NHS staff for a number of years and evaluating outcomes from these courses.

Researching Mindfulness Self-help

There are a wide range of mindfulness self-help books, online courses and smartphone apps available. On the one hand, these could be a good way of extending the reach of mindfulness to people who may not be able to attend a mindfulness course. On the other hand, it is possible that learning mindfulness through self-help isn't very effective - maybe it becomes too watered down or loses its effects without a mindfulness group or mindfulness teacher being present. Our research is examining the potential of mindfulness self-help for members of the public, members of staff as well as for people experiencing mental health difficulties. 

Compassion Research

Recently we have started to research compassion-enhanced mindfulness courses, in order to see if bringing compassion practices into our mindfulness courses might be helpful. Our compassion research has included developing a new self-report measure of compassion so that we can see if our courses help to enhance levels of compassion for self and other people.

Find out More

Please look at our publications to find out more.