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Adapted Mindfulness-Based Interventions for people who have problems managing emotional intensity


Dr Alison Roberts is testing a new questionnaire designed to measure how well people manage their emotions. This questionnaire has been designed on the basis of a well researched and accepted model of ‘emotion regulation’ but hasn’t yet been used with people who have a range of mental health difficulties. We want to collect answers to this questionnaire along with some other relevant information to find out how well it measures the ideas it is intended to measure. We need the help of NHS staff to collect some comparison data. Please see here for more information

This project is part of a wider programme of research to explore whether Mindfulness Based Interventions can be adapted to provide a safe, effective and accessible treatment option for people who have problems managing emotional intensity (sometimes diagnosed as borderline or emotionally unstable personality disorder). This group of people often have difficulties accessing talking therapies and clinicians often find it challenging to know how best to support them.