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Mindfulness for Voices (M4V)

Chadwick, P., Strauss, C., Jones, A. M., Kingdon, D., Ellett, L., Dannahy, L. & Hayward, M. (2016). Group mindfulness-based intervention for distressing voices: A pragmatic randomised controlled Trial. Schizophrenia Research.


The Mindfulness for Voices (M4V) study was a National Institute of Health Research funded study which aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a mindfulness-based group based therapy for people diagnosed by hearing voices (‘auditory hallucinations’). M4V was developed by Professor Paul Chadwick (Chief Investigator) and his research team and it focuses on helping people to learn new ways of managing and living with their voices. The intervention incorporates elements of CBT but emphasises the principles and practices of mindfulness meditation.

The randomised controlled trial finished recruiting the 108 participants in Sussex and Hampshire towards the end of 2013. Half the participants received the M4V group therapy over a 12-session period and the other half received their usual mental health care. Participant defined goals for recovery as well as measures of psychological health, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and mindfulness were assessed at baseline, post-group and six month after the end of therapy.

To find out more you can read the published paper by clicking the link above.