Compassion fatigue: Is it a thing?

Mindfulness teacher Annie Akasati McAuley shares her insights on the difference between empathy and compassion. She explores how empathy can be depleting, and how compassion is uplifting and has no downsides.

Compassion and optimism at the end of a challenging year

In their end of year message, Robert Marx and Clara Strauss (Co-leads of the Sussex Mindfulness Centre) reflect on the challenges we face, the importance of kindness, the achievements we’ve made and some optimism for the year ahead.

New mindful compassion drop-in starts in January

We have a new weekly drop-in that combines mindfulness and compassion, starting in January. The sessions will focus on qualities of kindness, emotional positivity and resilience, all key to mindfulness …

Mindful compassion drop-in: Wednesdays

Our drop-ins are led by experienced teachers and offer an opportunity to refresh and sustain your practice. It’s also hugely beneficial to practice with others. Join us.

Compassionate Leadership Training course – Tuesdays

Compassionate Leadership Training for health and social care leaders. Compassionate leadership is linked with improved learning and innovation, and reduced staff stress, injuries and absenteeism, and even reduced patient mortality. …