Teach adapted mindfulness-based interventions

This year-long, part-time, NHS-based training is for people who wish to teach adapted mindfulness-based approaches safely and effectively in a broad variety of contexts and populations.

Open to everybody and you don’t need to be local

This training course is open to both NHS staff and people who work outside the NHS. It runs from February to December each year. With three days in-person teaching and the rest online, you don’t need to be local.

We think you will love our training!

We think you will love our training! Find out why you should train to teach with us and hear from previous participants. Also watch this video about our teacher training for adapted mindfulness-based interventions.

Requirements and costs for training

Before you start your course, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have a regular mindfulness meditation practice;
  • Have taken the eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or Mindfulness Based Cogtnitive Therapy course. If you work for the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust you can do the eight-week course for free. If you are not entitled to a free course, you can find out about our next eight-week mindfulness courses at the bottom of this page.
  • Know which population you want to teach.

You can find out more about this training in our 2025 handbook (pdf) and/or by joining an information session.

Applications for 2025 are open

If you are from within the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, your internal application for teaching adapted mindfulness-based interventions is here.

For applicants from outside the Trust, you can find the external application for training to teach adapted mindfulness-based approaches here.

The deadline for applications for courses starting in February 2025, is Friday, 29 November 2024. Though external candidates can apply early to get a decision earlier in the year.

If you have any queries about the training please contact smc@spft.nhs.uk or call the Sussex Mindfulness Centre administrator on 0300 304 0689.

You can also stay up to date with our training opportunities by signing up to our newsletter.

Costs and bursaries

We have kept the course fees the same as last year at £1,900, with an additional cost of a weekend retreat. There are usually some funded or part-funded training places available for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust staff.

There may be some reduced cost places for people who have limited financial means and/or who come from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in the mindfulness practitioner and teacher community.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact smc@spft.nhs.uk or call our Sussex Mindfulness Centre Administrator on 0300 304 0689.

Eight-week course free to trainees

If you are outside the Trust, and interested in training to teach with us, there may be space for you on one of the Trust eight-week courses. Drop us a line at smc@spft.nhs.uk and we will let you know when the next courses are starting and if there is space available.

And we also now offer the eight-week course to the general public and to people interested in learning to teach mindfulness. When we have one of these courses coming up they will be advertised below.

If you do our eight-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course, and then go on to train to teach with us, the full £250 fee will be reduced from your teacher training fees.

Teacher training information sessions

Find out more by attending one of our teacher training information sessions. You can see them advertised at the bottom of this page. Or if none are advertised send an email to smc@spft.nhs.uk to register an interest in the next one.


Mindfulness teacher training information session


Whether you are interested in teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction or adapted mindfulness-based interventions, this session will provide all you need to know about training with us.

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