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Master classes

Events to support the development of mindfulness teachers and people interested in mindfulness and compassion-oriented approaches. These events last between a day and a week and are typically led by nationally and internationally renown speakers, as well as local mindfulness teachers with particular areas of expertise. 

Workshops will include a mixture of teaching, discussion and experiential practice and provide an opportunity to network with individuals in the field.

Masterclasses run from 9.30am to 4.30pm, unless otherwise stated. They are currently held online. We will send you a joining  link when we confirm your registration.

Please check with for specific details.

See below for the list of masterclasses with flyers and booking information.

Please request a booking form by emailing:

  • Friday 5th November 2021

    Led by Christina Feldman

    Buddhist foundations of mindfulness

    9.30am – 4.30pm

    Online via zoom

    Click here to book your place

    Download flyer:

  • Friday 10th December 2021

    Rebecca Crane and Clara Strauss

    MBCT: The Evolving Story

    9.30am - 4.30pm

    Online via zoom

    The day will chart the unfolding of the story of MBCT research and practice, interweaving presentations with practice and dialogue. 

    Participants will be supported to situate ourselves within the evolving story with invitations to inquire into the role we are all playing – how is our  MBCT practice situated? What are the questions and dilemmas we are experiencing?

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    Download flyer:

Masterclasses cost £30 to Trust-employed and approved teachers and £110 for others unless otherwise stated.

One masterclass t per year is free to Trust-employed and approved mindfulness teachers and £30 each for additional masterclass in the same year. 

Graduates of the foundation and adapted MBI trainings are entitled to a discount on most Sussex Mindfulness Centre masterclasses for the two years following their training (i.e. paying £30 per masterclass). They are also entitled to pay the Sussex Partnership staff rate for our annual conference and MSC two day introduction.

Booking is still required and cancellations must be made two weeks beforehand to avoid cancellation charges.

If you have any queries email: 
or call 0300 304 2057.