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Master classes

Events to support the development of mindfulness teachers and people interested in mindfulness and compassion-oriented approaches. These events last between a day and a week and are typically led by nationally and internationally renown speakers, as well as local mindfulness teachers with particular areas of expertise. 

Workshops will include a mixture of teaching, discussion and experiential practice and provide an opportunity to network with individuals in the field.

Events are open to all and are usually held at Sussex Education Centre, Mill View Hospital and Hove Polyclinic site, Nevill Avenue, Hove BN3 7HZ, from 9:15am to 5pm unless otherwise stated. Please check with for specific details.

See the events listing and download the flyer.

Please request a booking form by emailing:

  • 29 March 2019


    Exploring mindful movement practice

    Mindful Movement is a fundamental part of mindfulness teaching, offering ways to make deeper contact with the body and to bring us more fully into the present moment. Emotional patterns often show up in the body before the mind notices them and working with the body in movement can open the way to greater choice and freedom.

    This programme is designed for those who are teaching Mindfulness-Based courses. The emphasis will be on deepening understanding of personal mindful movement practice through experience and exploration in a way that encourages curiosity and further integration with other mindfulness practices.

  • 11th June 2019

    Rebecca Crane, with Clara Strauss

    MBCT: the evolving story

    The day will chart the unfolding of the story of MBCT research and practice, interweaving presentations with practice and dialogue.

    Suitable for mindfulness teachers and those training to be mindfulness teachers.

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  • 20 September 2019

    Christina Feldman

    Buddhist foundations of mindfulness

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All events cost £110 each unless otherwise stated. Specific mindfulness events are free to Trust approved mindfulness teachers but booking is still required.

If you have any queries email: or call 0300 304 2057.