Events to support the development of mindfulness teachers and people interested in mindfulness and compassion-oriented approaches. These events last between a day and a week and are typically led by nationally and internationally renowned speakers, as well as local mindfulness teachers with particular areas of expertise. 

Workshops will include a mixture of teaching, discussion and experiential practice and provide an opportunity to network with individuals in the field.

Masterclasses are held online, unless otherwise stated. We will send you a joining link when we confirm your registration.

Please check with for specific details.

See below for the list of masterclasses with flyers and booking information.


  • Friday, 19 May 2023

    Safety and effectiveness day

    Supporting people with trauma histories

    This one day online workshop will enable you to identify signs of trauma in your participants and provide practical ways to help them manage it. It will help you to understand what challenges you may face, and what adaptations you may need to make to your standard mindfulness sessions to help support people with trauma histories. We approach this from different perspectives: clinicians working in the field of trauma, researchers discussing the evidence base for what we know is effective, and service users sharing their experience of what worked and what didn’t work.

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  • Friday, 8 September 2023

    Buddhist foundations of mindfulness

    A day of practice, teaching and discussion

    Even though many of us deliver entirely secular mindfulness programmes, many of the ideas in contemporary mindfulness-based programmes make more sense when we understand their origins and intentions. Co-author of Mindfulness: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Psychology, Christina Feldman is one of the few people who can expertly talk about the connections between the two worlds.

    We are delighted to welcome her back to run this event for us.

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  • Wednesday, 27 September 2023

    Beyond the basics: mindfulness based inclusion training and our social web of interactions

    Led by Dean Francis

    Join us as we come together to look at what mindfulness can bring to the table around social inclusion and what awareness of our social context can bring to mindfulness. In this insightful Masterclass, Dean will share how our differences can unify rather than separate us and how mindfulness can be culturally adapted to serve diverse communities and individuals in ways that are grounded in Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work!

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Masterclass prices

General admission: £99.00 
SPFT staff members: £50.00 
Current IAPT MBCT trainees: £15.00 
SMC Adapted MBI / Foundation / IAPT MBCT training alumni (graduated in past two years only): £30.00 
Current Foundation / MBI / IAPT students: Free if on syllabus. £15 if not.
SMC employed / contracted mindfulness teachers: £30.00 

Graduates of the Foundation and the adapted Mindfulness Based Intervention training are entitled to a discount on most Sussex Mindfulness Centre masterclasses for the two years following their training (i.e. paying £30 per masterclass). They are also entitled to pay the Sussex Partnership staff rate for our annual conference and the Mindful Self Compassion two day introduction.

Booking is still required and cancellations must be made two weeks beforehand to avoid cancellation charges.

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or call 0300 304 0689.