Since 2010, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) practitioners within Sussex Partnership Foundation Trust and Brighton & Hove Council have been working in partnership to develop, deliver and evaluate a seven-week Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy-adapted course for young people (14-18 years) coping with stress, anxiety and depression.

With research and supervision support from the Sussex Mindfulness Centre, and the help and feedback from young people and parents, the course continues to be revised and developed to meet the needs of young people locally.

Young People from Brighton and Hove CAMHS are currently working with Surrey University to develop a Mindfulness App for young people.

For more information about Mindfulness in CAMHS please contact Dr Lana Jackson (Brighton & Hove Community CAMHS) and Brenda Davis (Brighton & Hove Specialist CAMHS)



Feedback from Young People

I’m a lot better about going to school and when I’m at school I don’t get so nervous. I don’t think about what other people are thinking about as much. It helps me to concentrate more on what I’m doing
(female 17yrs).

I catch myself earlier in panic stages, and can calm down better
(female,15 years).

I know how to take a breather which I can use throughout life
(Male, 16yrs).