The Sussex Mindfulness Centre (SMC) brings together teachers, trainers and researchers of Mindfulness-based Approaches (MBAs) in Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT).

This includes a partnership of SPFT staff, experienced researchers at the University of Sussex, and experienced teachers and trainers in the local community. The Centre has good links with local teachers, as well as with trainers and researchers in other mindfulness centres and universities in the UK. We aim to draw on the high quality training, good governance and the existing research evidence to offer high quality mindfulness provision. At the same time, it aims to develop new evidence by developing and evaluating innovative mindfulness approaches, and with groups that may not otherwise have been considered able to benefit from mindfulness-based approaches. 

What exactly is mindfulness and how can it help us?
Mindfulness is about being present with our experience with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. This enables us to relate to our experience, rather than run from it, and that gives us some freedom not to be blown around by strong emotions or sensations, or by compelling thoughts.  In that space that we then create, we can see more clearly what we are experiencing and we can decide how to respond in ways that are most beneficial for ourselves and those around us. Dr Robert Marx

Black Lives MatterSussex Mindfulness Centre supports the Black Lives Matter movement and totally rejects discrimination based on ethnic, racial and other kinds of difference. As a mindfulness community, we recognise that the cause of suffering in individuals cannot be seen only in terms of internal processes and must be thought of in the context of the unequal power structures in society that shape those processes. As a part of the NHS, we strive to work towards a society in which our services are accessible and welcoming to all those who need them. We recognise and respect our differences; we celebrate the rich contribution made to society by a multiplicity of voices; and we commit to continue to learn from them by listening deeply to their wisdom.


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