9th Annual Conference: 10 March 2023

This is the rescheduled Sussex Mindfulness Centre national conference, that was postponed from September 2022, to observe the official mourning period of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. 

What is mindful culture? An appreciative critical perspective

If culture is made up of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours shared by a group of people - then how can mindfulness and a greater awareness of social inequalities transform the status quo? Our keynote speakers will share their research and experience of how mindfulness can contribute to a more inclusive culture.

Keynote speakers:

  • Jane Padmore: Welcome and introduction
  • Chris Ruane:  Creating a mindfulness culture in politics
  • Miia Chambers and Uz Afzal: Co-producing a radically caring culture
  • Chris Tamdjidi: Transforming our mind, transforming our culture: Mindfulness in organisational life
  • Willem Kuyken: Is mindfulness (based cognitive therapy) coming of age? The story so far and a vision for the future.

With workshops:

  1. Exploring mindfulness-based inclusion training  - Dean Francis
  2. Mindful Calligraphy - Juan Du 
  3. Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention; Using mindfulness to bring perspective and choice to addictive behaviours - Nicky Mouat and Jenny Nicholson
  4. Mindfulness courses for young people: Research findings and implications for practice - Clara Strauss and Ruth Sequeira
  5. Widening the field: Mindfulness as Social Practice - Rosalie Dores
  6. Poetry and Mindful Reflection - Heather Ball and Hazel Ragoonanan

Find out about each of the workshops here so you can book your place in advance.

See the conference flyer and the conference programme.  

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SAVE THE DATE - 15 September 2023

Please save the date for Sussex Mindfulness Centre's 10th Annual Conference, which is on Friday, 15 September 2023. The theme, speakers and workshops will be shared here as and when they become available. 


Previous conferences

8th Sussex Mindfulness Centre Annual Conference 

"Emerging from COVID: extending mindfulness reach to schools, politics and marginalised groups"

See films of our speakers below:

Caroline Lucas: The impact of Mindfulness in Politics

Prof Willem Kuyken: Stepping back and taking a wider view. Preventing depression and realising human potential across the lifespan

Byron Lee: ‘Mindfulness – a source of liberation or masked oppression?’

Celia Heneage and Nicola Smith:  Mindfulness with people with learning disabilities (Film credit: Sonam Nguyen Temple)


Mindfulness for people with learning disabilities (Gill Hurren, Nicola Smith, Lucy Westcott and Celia Heneage, with a contribution from L’Arche Bognor Regis. Film credit: Rob Claveria)

Mindfulness for staff – colluding or coping? (Robert Marx and Clara Strauss)

Mindfulness for people with an emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD) diagnosis (Hannah Shutt, Lisa Ransom, Kate Axford)

Mindfulness and climate activism (Abbie Mead and Tamsin Bishton)

Handout: Mindfulness and Climate Activism next steps

Extending mindfulness demographics, expectations & provisions (SMC Mindfulness advocates)

Advocates background note

HaMakom: Jewish mindfulness (Bev Cohen and Solomon Slade)

Are there any positive ‘side effects’ of COVID-19? Insights from neuroscience and a personal journey (Helga Dittmar) See the presentation here.

6th Annual Conference 2018

Friday 21st Sept 2018, Sussex Education Centre in Hove 

The theme of our 2018 conference was community mindfulness: staying connected, local and accessible. We had workshops, mindfulness practice, discussions and short talks led by mindfulness teachers, researchers and service users. View the programme.

5th SMC Annual Conference, 2017


If you have any queries email: smc@spft.nhs.uk or call 0300 304 0689.