I see the way I am now, and the way my life is now, as a testament to the transformative and healing power of mindfulness.
Helga Dittmar, MBCT course

At Sussex Mindfulness Centre we aim to improve wellbeing through mindfulness. We bring together mindfulness practice, research and training. We do this for the benefit of people with mental or physical health challenges and the wider community. We want to learn more about who and how mindfulness can help. We have heartfelt values: helping those in need, with compassion, based on evidence. What is mindfulness? 

Watch a new video about the work of Sussex Mindfulness Centre

This film was commissioned by the http://www.implementing-mbct.com/ASPIRE Project, led by Prof Willem Kuyken, Director of the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and made by Tyson Joseph, Director, and Nikki Nime, Producer, Stories Like Us.

Our work with other organisations

Sussex Mindfulness Centre provides mindfulness services to other organisations and contributes to national initiatives which seek to increase the reach of mindfulness with integrity. Read more

Train to teach mindfulness

Sussex Mindfulness Centre has been offering mindfulness training since 2011. We have 40 members of staff trained in mindfulness-based approaches who are connected to a large network of skilled local teachers and a thriving team of researchers producing cutting-edge research into mindfulness interventions. Read more 

Practice & governance

We run mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) groups across Sussex with adolescents, adults and older people. Our assessment process helps make sure that MBCT is suitable for people who are referred. Groups are evaluated to help us understand how they are effective. We also run less formal mindfulness groups in various settings where they are adapted for local populations. Read more 

Our research

We conduct research on the potential benefits of mindfulness-based interventions for groups of people for whom interventions have not traditionally been available. Read more