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Mindfulness for Drivers

Mindfulness for drivers short film - a partnership between the Road Safety Department of Brighton and Hove Council and Sussex Mindfulness Centre

There is a body of research that suggests that mindful driving can improve driver awareness and increase driver safety. Many collisions on the roads are caused due to failure to look properly/emotional/physical distraction. 1 in 5 new drivers will have a collision within the first six months of learning to drive. Failure to look properly is the largest collision factor for young Sussex drivers (and this is the same nationally).

We were delighted to work with the Road Safety Department of Brighton and Hove Council to see if mindfulness can help. We have worked together with Sarah West, a local film maker to produce a short, engaging film that that be shown to young drivers to introduce mindfulness.

The aim of this short film is to target young drivers, giving them rationale for why demonstrated mindfulness technique is worth using. It aims to introduce mindfulness to drivers in order to give them a centreing tool to help them fully engage with the road environment when they are driving, and not get distracted.

The film will be displayed here soon

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